Best Text To Speech Online For Free 2019 (TTS Realistic Voices)

Today people don’t have enough time for reading and reading is impossible to do while multitasking. So today I will tell you the best online text-to-speech websites that you can use for free. You can also use the audio files for your YouTube videos.

5. From Text To Speech
From Text To Speech

First up in the fifth place we have  FromTextToSpeech. The voice quality of most of their voices is acceptable and they do support multiple languages and have both male and female voices. To use the website simply copy and paste or type your text into the text field. Select the language from the drop-down menu. Then choose a voice from the menu on the right. If you want you can also change the speed at which the text is read but medium should be fine for most purposes. Once you’re done, click on create audio file and wait for your text to be processed. On the next page, you can preview your audio file or download it to your hard drive.

4. Google Translate
Google Translate

Next on the list is Google Translate. It can read the text in many different languages and the text-to-speech voice quality is good. However, Google Translate only has female voices and to save the speech you have to record your desktop audio and save it that way. Using Google Translate text-to-speech is very easy. First, select the language you want. Then paste or type the text into the text field. Now click on the small loudspeaker icon on the lower left to make it read your text. You can do the same for the translated text with the loudspeaker icon on the right. One fun feature of Google Translate is that you can actually read English text in many different accents.

3. IBM Watson TTS
IBM Watson TTS

Another good free online text-to-speech website is the IMB Text-To-speech Demo. It supports multiple languages but as with Google Translate for English, it only has female voices. However, the voice quality is excellent and you can both preview the recording and download it as an mp3 file. With IBM Watson TTS you can also change the tonality and expression of the voice which is not possible on any other free text-to-speech website. It’s really simple to use just choose your language and voice first then select the type of text you want it to speak. In the text field, type in or paste the text you want and click on download to get the mp3 file or speak to preview the audio.

2. Oddcast

One of the best free text-to-speech websites is definitely Oddcast. It has a very good balance of quality and quantity of its voices. Oddcast support many different languages and English accents. It also has both male and female voices. However, if you want to save your recording to your hard drive, you’ll have to record your desktop audio because there’s no download option. Here’s how to use Oddcast, where it says enter text, type in or paste the text you want it to read. Then select the language and the voice you want. Next click on the say it button.

1. Natural Readers
Natural Readers

Natural Readers is another very good free text-to-speech website. It has many good quality voices in both male and female genders. You can also upload entire text documents to be read. It even has an OCR feature, so it can attempt to read text from images like jpeg or PNG Files. However, as with many of the other free text-to-speech websites, you can’t save your recordings as an audio file. So you have to record your desktop audio to save it. Also, Natural Readers TTS seems to sometimes stop reading altogether. If that happens you may want to switch to a different web browser. It might work a bit better on FireFox or Chrome.

Using Natural Readers is very easy. Just select the language and voice from the top menu. Type in or paste your text in the text field then click on the play button on the top menu to make it read your text.


Text To Speech services can make life easier by converting large amounts of text into speech. Now that you can use these great text to speech voices, we always love to hear your experience in comments.

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