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How To Fix Lag, FPS Drop in PUBG Mobile Tencent Gaming Buddy PC Emulator

Fix Tencent Gaming Buddy lags, FPS And stutter problems just follow the steps Step 1 Right click on Tencent Gaming Buddy and select the open file location now click TxGameAssistant and open UI folder and find the AndroidEmulator.exe file. Right click on AndroidEmulator.exe and select properties and then select Compatibility Tick mark on Override high DPI scaling behaviour and select Application from

How To Record Gameplay on PC for Free (2019)

Open Broadcaster or OBS as it’s called is probably the best free screen recorder. It’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The downsides with OBS is that it sometimes consumes a bit too much computer resources and for some people who maybe don’t have the best computer it can get a bit laggy. OBS is also somewhat