How To Download Facebook Videos on Android (Simple And Easy)

Facebook is a popular social networking website that allows users to send messages and keep in touch with friends and family. You can also upload and share photos and video with friends. So let say, you are browsing Facebook like you normally do and suddenly, you find an interesting video that you would like to download for offline use? But the Facebook app doesn’t allow you to download the videos directly on your phone. So, what’s the best way to do it? Here I will tell you how to download Facebook videos on your android phone easily.

How To Download Facebook Videos on Android Phone

To download videos from your android phone you need an app called MyVideoDownloader from play store. Just download and install the app. Now, open the Facebook app and look for a video you want to download.

Step 1: After you find a video you want to download, click on three dots . . . option top right corner of the video.


Step 2: Now click on Save video option


Step 3: Open  MyVideoDownloader app which you have downloaded earlier and login to your Facebook account and click on the Saved option.


Step 4: After you click the Saved option all the videos you have saved earlier will appear here. Select the video you want to download from the list and click on the play button. Then it will show you the download option.


This is the best and simple way to download videos from Facebook.

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