How To Fix Lag, FPS Drop in PUBG Mobile Tencent Gaming Buddy PC Emulator

Fix Tencent Gaming Buddy lags, FPS And stutter problems just follow the steps

Step 1

Right click on Tencent Gaming Buddy and select the open file location

Screenshot 1

now click TxGameAssistant and open UI folder and find the AndroidEmulator.exe file. Right click on AndroidEmulator.exe and select properties and then select Compatibility

Screenshot 2

Tick mark on Override high DPI scaling behaviour and select Application from the drop-down menu. Also, tick mark on “Disable fullscreen optimizations” and then click on Apply.

Now your system will work on the application only, that is Tencent Gaming Buddy. You will not face any lag and very rare FPS drops in the game. Also, the graphics quality will improve.

Step 2

Open Tencent Gaming Buddy and click on settings

Screenshot 3

Now in Settings Center click Engine and do the same settings as shown in the image below.

Screenshot 4

If it lags then change rendering to DirectX+ or OpenGL+

Step 3

Open the game and go to graphics setting and set the graphics to Balanced or Smooth and frame rate to Ultra or Extreme. Now disable both anti-aliasing and Auto-adjust graphics.

Screenshot 5

Now enjoy smooth PUBG Mobile gaming experience on your PC using Tencent Gaming Buddy.

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